6 Things You Should Know Before Building Your Custom Home


If you've never built a custom home before, there are some important things to know before getting started. Here are six tips for sound advice to help guide you through the process of building your custom home.

Budget Wisely

If you don’t set a budget before you start pursuing your custom home dreams, you might be in for a surprise. With a residential construction project, the options can be endless. You could be adding in unexpected features as you see fit during the process and that could cost in upwards of 100,000 in excess, had you not adhered to a project budget.

You want to give yourself some leeway to cover the unknown circumstances but keep in mind a strict maximum so that your project doesn’t get out of hand. Consider prioritizing a wish list of goodies and if you feel like you might come in under budget go ahead and throw in your upgrade.

Finance Smarter not Harder

If you’ve got the cash on hand and don’t need a construction loan and mortgage, let’s talk home design, otherwise, you’ll need to get a basic understanding of what type of loan you’ll need. You could get a temporary construction loan that can be converted into a home mortgage at the time of closing or you could get stuck with 2 closing costs and wind up with both a construction loan and a mortgage to pay off. Maybe you’ve got the cash you need to get the construction finished and only need to get financing for the mortgage once the home is built. Whatever your circumstances are you need to shop around for the best financier for your situation.

Find the Right General Contractors for the Job

Look for custom home builders whose work exemplifies what you imagine your end product to be first. Then research, research, research, and vet all of your options, check with the Better Business Bureau, consumer ratings, and reviews. Look for shady practices like little or no contact information available online or an excess of stalled or unfinished projects.

Communicate Clearly and Constantly

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and never avoid asking for frequent updates. Communication can make or break your project and If you don’t ask it’s likely your builder will build the project to spec. Feel free to ask to review the plans to make sure the home you get is the home you envisioned. Things as simple as the cabinets not matching the countertops or not having enough storage space can lead to you regretting not speaking up before it was too late.

Make Yourself Part of The Process

A great firm will want as much input from you as they can possibly get throughout the process of designing, planning and building your dream home. You should want the same thing! The more involved you are in the process the more you’ll love your new home and chances are you going to be there for a while so get the most out of it while you can.

Talk to an Expert Asheville Custom Home Builder

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