Creating Your Outdoor Living Space


Hints of spring are in the air, evoking the anticipation of watching the sun rising up over the mountains in the cool mornings, coffee cup warming your hands, and spending late evenings grilling out, surrounded by your best friends.

While a select few may be content doing these activities on the grass, most of us would prefer to have an inviting, comfortable outdoor living space. Whether you want to renovate an existing space or build one from scratch, here are a few issues to consider before hiring a builder.

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How will you use your outdoor living space? 
This is the first question you should answer. Be honest with yourself. You may be the life of the party, but if you dislike hosting, it is unrealistic to think that an outdoor space will transform you into a super-host. Will you be cooking often enough to justify an outdoor kitchen? Do you value the feeling of being in nature, despite all of its leaves, hail, snow, rain, and dirt that will inevitably fall upon your space? Or do you prefer some type of protection—either entirely closed in with screens to keep out insects, or a roof?  Will you primarily use it in the mornings or evenings? For relaxation or entertainment?

Consider the Different Elements of Your Property
What is your yard like? Hilly? Mountainous? Where does the sun fall and when? Do you have any drainage issues? How much space do you have? If you have a relatively small yard and are planning for a big outdoor space, consider how it would be to have no real yard for children, pets, or gardening.

Stand in the area where you’d like to build your outdoor space. Are there any houses within view? Do you have a nosey neighbor who will be peeking over at you every evening? If you value greater privacy, consider whether you would like to build a fence or plant a hedge to keep prying eyes at bay. 

A budget may sound tedious, but it will help to prevent future heartache when you discover that money is gone and your space is only half-complete. Plan how much you are willing and able to spend right now on your outdoor space. Keep in mind that you can always build your space in stages, or add more expensive features later, as long as you plan for them. If you would like to have a sink and bar, but cannot yet afford it, at least ensure that the builder prepares any requisite electrical wiring, water line, and sewer.

If you are ready to discuss your plans with an experienced general contractor for an outdoor space addition in the Asheville area, River Birch Builders can help build what's right for you. Call us today! 

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